I'd like to take a minute to introduce myself. My husband, Jason and I live on Milwaukee's East Side, near Brady Street. We have two adorable, exhausting and really incredible little boys. It is in large part because of those boys, and my hopes that they and all children can have the same opportunities that I have had, that I realized I simply care too much about the future of my neighborhood, my city and my state to sit on the sidelines any longer. My volunteer experiences with middle schoolers in MPS, my experiences in the community and at work, with parents, couples, children, professionals, workers of every occupation, retirees and others, and my experiences as a lawyer have and will always drive me to pursue a better, more equal and more productive manner of lawmaking and legislating.

Our legislature wastes far too much time arguing about laws that simply don't matter to people. We need to be proactive to address the problems within the 19th District, Milwaukee and all of Wisconsin, and that starts with deciding what kind of future we want. After talking with voters, it is apparent that we want a future where people are valued, where we prioritize public education, access to healthcare and the creation of jobs while requiring accountability. We want a future where fairness is a factor--where the right to marry is not gender-limited, where discrimination is prohibited on the basis of LGBT status, where we ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors are protected by the laws and not pawns of political gamesmanship, where all employees have a meaningful say in their workplace, and where every child has an equal opportunity for future success.

I hope to have the opportunity to speak with many of you, soon, to receive your input, and hopefully, earn your support, as we trek to August and then next November.